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spanish english
a to, at
ante before, in the presence of
bajo under
con with
contra against
de from of
desde from, since
en in, on, at*
entre between, among
hacia toward, until
hasta until, toward
para for, in order to
por for, by, through
según acording
sin without
sobre about, on, upon, above, over, around
tras behind, after

between: something concern 2 persons
among: in groups, more than 2 persons
on: means contactns 

at: specific time; "at nine oclock"
on: no specific time; "on saturday"
in: the past or future; "in the night"

# ejemplos
troubles with
doubs about
sneeze into the

Prepositions can show positions in space

A preposition shows a relationship between ideas in a sentence. Prepositions usually answer the questions where or when. They often tell the location of a person or a n obect in time or space.

Each of the questions below contains at least one prepositional phrase that connects a noun or pronoun to its location in relation to another word in the sentence. Underline the prepositional phrase, then circle the preposition. The first one is done for you.

  1. The yoga instructor balanced her body backwards over the exercise ball.
  2. He put his wet umbrella into the metal stand beside the front door.
  3. The teacher wrote an assignment on the whiteboard.
  4. Walking as quickly as he could, the old man stpped around the cracks in the sidewalk.
  5. She was happy to sign her name near the top of the petition.
  6. Our family has a vacation home along the Colorado River.
  7. Jeremy forgot his backpack on the lawn by the public library.
  8. girls organized their materials and starting building the project on the kitchen table.
  9. Summer classes will be held inside the auditorium of the high school on Brentwood Avenue.
  10. My uncle'sboat started leaking, and it sank into the middle of the lake.
  11. The sharpened pencils are located above the dhelf with the lined paper.
  12. The heavier materials sifted through the lighter ones and rested on the bottom of the bucket.